Boasting ten state of the art activity pods, a day at DreamCity gives you a fully interactive and hands-on experience with the actual equipment / technology used by professionals and experts in that field. Practice the skills related to a range of different careers all while having an awesomely fun time.

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This is where you’ll learn about the physics behind how planes fly, including the use of a wind tunnel. Then… off to flight school in our flight simulators! You’ll learn about lift, drag, thrust and the terminology of the flight control equipment, such as ‘yoke’, ‘bank left/right’, ‘pitch up/down’ and how to control their plane.
Group 10


Here’s your chance to be transported to a virtual world, where you will be encouraged to design your own personal oasis in Google Tiltbrush or navigate your way through First Steps. Learn a little about what makes VR unique, and its possibilities for the future.
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The Sports Science Academy tests more than athletic prowess. It’s collecting and analysing data, calculating percentages and averages! Measure the trajectory and accuracy of your free throw in the swish zone. Record your speed, agility, power and reaction time with the blaze pods! Right arm or Left?
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In the Podcasting/Radio studio, you will learn about the intricacies of production. From the sound desk, to the presenters’ table, learn how to cue one another into the show, utilise sound effects and keep the flow of conversation going.
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Learn about the delicate nature and teamwork involved in conducting a surgical procedure. In the DreamCity Surgery, you will be taught the technical names for the equipment and procedures and work collaboratively to ‘save the patient’.
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Learn about coding and the foundations of computer science via the SpheroEdu platform, using both Sphero Bolts and Samsung tablets. Mathematics, Science, Music and Art lessons can be brought to life through creative and structured tasks with a real world application.
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Learn how television works, from production to the screen. Each participant has a role to play, from cameras to credits and everything in between. Teams work together to produce their own show, including the use of green screen technology, on-air graphics, sound and camera effects.
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Learn what it takes to become a career firefighter. DreamCity Fire fighters learn about and use thermal imaging cameras to detect hotspots within the centre. They then use AR (Augmented Reality) to fight a fire.


Using snap circuits, learn how electricity works and explore the features of various circuits such as wires, switches, lights and motors and investigate the role of energy transfer and transformation.
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Utilising ‘RealCare Baby Simulators’ with true to life physical and emotional features, the DreamCity babies are programmed to require burping, changing, rocking and feeding. You’ll become a midwife/neonatal nursing specialist and hold, sooth, weigh and measure babies in our nursery.

Plan your visit

Level 1, Shop 114/115
DFO South Wharf
20 Convention Centre Place
South Wharf


Located at DFO South Wharf – near Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.
T: 03. 9957 5912  E:


Wilson DFO South Wharf:

Mon – Sun. ($6/hour. Beyond 4 hours – $24 maximum fee)

Other nearby parking options include:
• Local metered street parking
• Melbourne Exhibition Centre (via Normanby Rd)
• Care Park – Munro Street, South Wharf
• Wilson Freeway Parking – via Normanby Rd and Munro St


DreamCity is easily accessible by public transport.

Check PTV at to plan your journey.

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