Real-world understanding & communication skills will prepare children for the future


Employers focus on hiring people with high level of social understanding, strong communication skills and real-world understanding.

Dreamcity teaches children these skills through activities with real businesses, and innovative technology to prepare children for the business world of their future.

It has been said that gaining real work experience counts for more in the competitive job market today than study in the field.

Concepts such as Dreamcity will take this work experience one step further bringing activities to children that make working fun and educational.

Dreamcity will teach children skills that revolve around technology including use of VR (Virtual Reality) something not every child has access to, but is predicted to feature even more heavily in society by the time our children will reach the workforce.

In addition, the activities will encourage the children to work together and build key interpersonal skills. For example in the burning building activity, children will work as firefighters to put the fire out and then work with the medical teams to get the patients' to hospital. In this way, children will begin to understand the different roles people play in society and how they might best fit in.