Edutainment will help create tomorrow's leaders


What is edutainment and how is it benefiting children and creating tomorrow's leaders?

Edutainment has been more commonly associated with radio programs that have been created by and run for kids. However, with technological developments and screens readily accessible to children as young as toddlers, concepts such as Dreamcity will become important on the edutainment landscape.

Considered the melding of education and entertainment, edutainment looks to teach children through fun and interactive methods. Extending from apps that use edutainment to teach maths, reading and spelling, Dreamcity will have interactive pods that introduce children to careers.

With activities based around working in science, technology, arts and humanities there will be the opportunity for children to experience many different types of jobs under one roof. This will foster independence, motivation, and future thinking from a young age.

The idea behind Dreamcity is to encourage in children the desire to think about what career they might enjoy from a young age. This in turn allows parents to nurture that interest by guiding the children through their education years.

The hope is that by the time children reach University they will know well and truly what career they wish to pursue and be well prepared to enter tertiary education or future learning in their chosen field.