Encouraging females in STEM careers


Dreamcity can help to boost female confidence and partner with leading Australian businesses to promote females in STEM careers. 

There is a serious gender gap in STEM careers with females making up less then 14.4%. The current lack of females in STEM career pathways is due to a lack of confidence fostered in the socially created (and unfounded) superiority of males at mathematics.

Dreamcity will work towards encouraging young girls into a STEM career pathway with activities curated around careers in science, building, nursing and medicine.

By giving young girls the experience of working in STEM careers early on, it is hoped that these children will find their passion in these areas and build this into their future career choices. By acting out a STEM role, the edutainment style of ‘learning by doing’ will further break down barriers and the belief that these types of jobs are for the boys only.