Planning career pathways could help reduce children's anxiety


The growth in children's anxiety (linked to current Australian studies) and how edutainment and an ability to see a pathway through the future careers could alleviate some of that anxiety.

Smiling Mind, Breathe Think Do with Sesame and Dreamykid are just some of the apps that have been developed to relieve children’s anxiety and help them cope with stress. In a competitive landscape for school leavers, Dreamcity will look to alleviate the stress of finding a career path in childhood by directing children’s interests. For parents, they can identify areas of interest for children which will assist them in guiding their education to support their ambitions.

It has been reported that children as young as four are being diagnosed with anxiety at a time of life that should be relatively stress free. Anxiety leads to depression which leads to an increase in the suicide rates of young people with the death of Dolly Everett - only fourteen years old - highlighting the ever-increasing problem.

Edutainment sets to relieve this anxiety by addressing the underlying problems and working to help children to identify and solve their problems. Edutainment has even been brought into the classroom turning learning how to spell, read and count into fun for little ones.

Dreamcity takes this a step further by creating an edutainment experience that allows the child to live in the world of an adult and work in a job, replicating the real world in a safe environment. The aim is to produce happy, confident children that will be better prepared for the future with ideas already starting to form around what career path they may be interested in which in turn helps them with their future role in society.