Tackling maths anxiety in young children


The growing problem of maths anxiety in children of school age can severely influence the likelihood of avoidance behaviours and maths deficiencies.

A recent article in The Age highlights how “Maths anxiety disrupts students’ learning, deters them from choosing maths electives and can influence their career choices.” It is therefore imperative that cutting-edge educational methods centre around alleviating this stress and painting a positive light on maths.

A way to lighten the the load on teachers could be the new edutainment trend taking over the world.

Based on the Montessori method of teaching or learning through play the stress of learning is removed as children see only the fun they are having and not the stress of a ROTE learning environment.

Dreamcity is a new edutainment concept opening in DFO South Wharf in 2019 that harnesses the power of learning through play to replicate the real world in a safe environment.

The careers that children can sample in Dreamcity promote interest in STEM pathways and use highly interactive activities to enable children to use and improve their real world maths skills.

The aim is to produce happy, confident children that will be better prepared for the future with ideas already starting to form around what career path they are interested in and how they can beat maths anxiety.