kajal pala


Kajal Pala is the dynamic visionary and founder of Dreamcity. The Dreamcity idea was born after Kajal identified a shortcoming in the market and the need for a conventional global edutainment provider. Since 2015, Kajal has been developing the concept from the ground up.

The underlying philosophy is for Dreamcity to be the best affordable edutainment provider in the world and Kajal is passionate that in her business model, edutainment is made within the reach of every single child regardless of their socio-economic constraints.

Kajal brings more than a decade of extensive work experience across Australia and New Zealand in multiple industries in the areas of general management, business administration, construction, research/project management, resource management involving intense business coordination with personnel of all levels. Kajal holds a Master of Business Administration (awarded scholarship) from Latrobe Business School in Melbourne, Australia.

Kajal has been leading the Dreamcity project team for close to three years and has assembled an enviable foundation team of leading industry experts to help take this idea from a concept to reality.

With significant R&D and with the foundation team’s strategic input, Kajal has developed a unique ‘edutainment’ business model that will be rolled out globally to reach every market.

Tenacious and resilient, there is no doubt that through Kajal’s leadership, Dreamcity will become a resounding success and will soon be widely recognised as the destination to empower the future of tomorrow – our children.