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What is DreamCity?

What is DreamCity?

We are Melbourne’s newest edutainment destination for kids aged 5 to 12.

DreamCity is an amazing world where science, technology, engineering, the arts and math collide in an explosion of fun. A place where kids take on the careers of the future and explore the power of science in everyday lives.

We have 10 career style activities for children to choose from.

How do I get to DreamCity?


When should we arrive?

  • The first activity commences at 10:30am sharp.
  • We recommend arriving 15-20 minutes prior to the first session.
  • If you have an afternoon session ticket, the first activity starts at 1:30pm.

How does the day work? Does it matter if I don’t arrive at 10:30am?

  • Doors open at 10:15am, in time for you and the children to familiarise yourself with the venue, and for them to choose their first activity.
  • Activities start at 10:30am sharp and then every 30 minutes after that.
  • There are 10 activities to choose from.

Virtual Reality
Future Firefighting
Electrical Engineering
NeoNatal Nursing
Robotic Engineering
TV Production
Sports Science

  • There are multiple opportunities to complete each of the activities throughout the day, according to the age groups. Note that on a half day ticket there will only be enough time to do 6 of the 10 activities on offer.
  • If you are planning on completing all 10 of the activities on offer, you will need to purchase an All Day Ticket and arrive when we open at 10:15am and you will leave at 4:30pm.
  • If you don’t plan on doing all activities you can arrive whenever you like.

How do the different schedules work?

  • We run x3 (three) simultaneous schedules according to age groups

       5-7 YEARS
       8-10 YEARS
       11 YEARS +

  • Participants are grouped according to the ages you entered at the time of booking. A schedule is generated based on our bookings to ensure there is an activity for each child every rotation.
  • As the activities are scheduled based on your ticket choice, you can not change group after arriving.
  • Our staff will be on hand to support every child to get the most out of their experience.

Is it true that kids work at DreamCity?
Yes! We are all about helping kids think and learn about careers of the future and as such 60% of our team are kids themselves! That’s right… our teenage “DreamAgers” are here facilitating your child’s experience in their first ever job!

My 2 children are different ages but want to stay in the same group, is that possible?

  • Provided your children are similar age, we recommend purchasing the same ticket of the closest age to ensure they can do activities together.

My child needs the assistance of an additional adult/carer in the activities – is this allowed?

  • Absolutely. DreamCity is a place for everybody, and we will work with you to ensure your child has the support they need on the day.

Please give us a call (03) 9957 5912 to ensure we understand what you need ahead of time.

  • DreamCity also has ‘Ear Defenders’ available on site if needed to support sensory/noise overload – you might also like to bring your own.
  • Many of our staff are expertly trained to work with children with additional needs.
  • You can access our social stories to help with your visit Social Stories For Visiting DreamCity

Can adults participate?

  • No, activities are strictly for the children only; we encourage you to consider it ‘observing what learning looks like’ for your child/ren.
  • You may also like to spend some time catching up on emails, chatting to a friend or reading a book – we’re not here to judge you!

Where are the toilets?

  • Public Bathroom facilities are located to the left and right of the DreamCity Cafe; past Jumbo Childcare centre and towards Centre Management and directly opposite JBHIFI respectively.
  • You will find Men’s, Women’s and Accessible facilities.
  • A Family Room with change table facilities is located in the facilities opposite JBHIFI.
  • Please show your wristband to a member of staff upon re-entry to the venue.

Can I get a pass out?

  • Yes! Your wristband acts as your pass out – allowing you to take the children out for some shopping, or a break. You can come and go as you please, provided there is always one adult inside the venue with the children.

Can I take photos?

  • Yes! You are welcome to take photos of your own children. Please tag us in anything you post on socials. @dreamcitymel
  • Into Hashtags? Here’s some to help you out, just select, copy and paste! #yourewelcome

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