Connecting students to careers in community

At DreamCity, we are teaching students a broad range of skills to help build the communities of the future.

Michelle Hortle, Educator and General Manager at DreamCity, explains how the activity pods at DreamCity open students’ eyes to the possibilities of working in, and for, their communities.

“Our activity pods introduce students to careers that keep our community safe, healthy and informed. Using state of the art technology, students are given a multimodal and multi-sensory experience related to a range of people-centred careers – from medical and emergency services to virtual reality and sports science,” she said.

For example, in the Surgery pod, the laparoscopy simulation shows students how a surgical process works, the equipment used and the importance of teamwork. The Nursery pod uses RealCare® baby simulators to guide students through the role of a midwife or neonatal nursing specialist, undertaking tasks such as holding, soothing, weighing and measuring the babies.

In the Firefighting pod, students use thermal imaging cameras to detect hotspots and augmented reality to fight a fire. In the Media pod students learn about planning, production and presenting a TV or radio program or podcast

All activities at DreamCity are designed by experienced educators to provide quality, hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) learning experiences.

“As well as simulating specific skills, each activity also aims to inspire curiosity and critical thinking and to teach valuable lessons around cooperation, collaboration and awareness of self and the wider world,” said Michelle Hortle.

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